About A Girl



Artist, Designer and Lover of life outside the lines.
Erica is not defined by any medium, she creates with thought, passion and what she loves to do; be it painting, collage-art, digital art or fashion and jewellery designing.

Coming from sunny Perth Australia to bohemian life in Bali, has given me unlimited inspiration to be playful in colour and to embrace the Avant-garde freedom as an Artist.

“I feel my creative spirit lends itself to the inspiration I get from Andy Warhol’s work, which is why I decided to use my art to experiment in different styles to create a curated collection of art in products and fashion.”

Erica has been designing handcrafted art, fashion, accessories and jewellery for over 30 years and her designs have been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia and many other magazines in print and online, as well as being showcased at fashion festival/week and exhibitions. 

ALLIA designs are a favourite of many celebrities, including Emily Simpson who has worn many of our earrings on the TV series RHOC. 

 All ALLIA Designs jewellery and fashion accessories are exclusively designed by Erica Allia and ethically handmade with her team of artisans in Indonesia and supporting women allowing them to stay home in the villages with their families and work.

ALLIA Bespoke
Is a collection of one of a kind pieces of  jewellery ranging from earrings to necklaces  

Wedding jewellery that is exclusively design and custom made to you by Erica ALLIA 


 A collection of original paintings on canvas to collage and digital artworks printed on art paper or canvas, with limited editions that are all signed and numbered.

Original art on greeting cards & stationery adding colourful statements to people’s lives.